The Real Thing Ecklonia Cava Extract

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A patented, super-antioxidant complex found in 100% organic Ecklonia cava brown ocean algae. It does something for everything.

What? All you need is algae. More specifically a unique brown algae found off the coasts of Korea and Japan. It’s called Ecklonia cava. Remember that name.

What else? It’s been used for centuries as an all-round health tool in the East. It’s also been scientifically scrutinised for more than 14 years. That’s how we know that Ecklonia cava does so many good things for so many parts of you.

Why? Mostly because it’s an antioxidant factory. The algae grows in a harsh marine environment where cold mountain run-off water mixes with warm sea water and stimulates antioxidant super-production. The result is this patented extract of super-potent polyphenol and phlorotannin antioxidants. Or rather, super-antioxidants.

Cardiovascular Health | Pain Management | Glucose Balance | Weight-Loss | Hair-Loss | Erectile Dysfunction | Allergies | Memory | AND MORE